So I made a promise a while back to give Debian another chance. Those of you who regularly read my tech category know that I’m mainly a Red Hat (and offspring) guy. I don’t know why I just enjoy packages ending in .rpm and not .deb. 🙂 I’m working on an article about the different distros of linux and the only one I haven’t tried lately is debian.

So, my laptop has a freshly make partition just waiting for debian. I’d really love to run gentoo on my laptop but since it’s not on 24/7 I’m sure I’d get behind on compile time. I do have fedora on my laptop but, well that’s another post.

I downloaded debian stable, I don’t know what the heck I was thinking… I keep forgetting that in the world of debian “stable” means it was what lewis and clark were using. Well not really, but old for sure. Not that being old and stable is a bad thing. If I used debian on any of my servers I would appreciate knowing it was nuclear proof. Not that any of my servers have ever had a problem running fedora, CentOS(RHEL) or Gentoo. Anyway, I did get stable installed on my laptop and for the most part it works really well. Aside from when I went to install my wireless drivers, they wouldn’t work. I was somewhat shocked to realize debian stable was still running a 2.4 kernel. Now, not that a 2.4 kernel is bad, I have 2.4 running on a couple of embedded devices around the house… but I can’t recall the last time I had 2.4 on a desktop. I jumped to 2.6 a way long time ago, long before any distro shipped with it. All is not lost, I usually install several versions of a distro before doing a full review of it, and I have gained increased knowlege of the debian world buy doing this. Yes, the thought of compiling a vanilla 2.6 kernel is tempting, but I think I’ll save the time and stick in the disk for a not-so-stable (i.e. this century) version of debian.

Anyway, stable has been on this laptop for almost 24 hours and was/is quite stable. Stable enough to decide stable is too old, write this post and finish downloading the next version. 🙂

till then…

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