I’ve gotten several emails about my post: “linux bt daemon with web interface

Most were in complete agreement with my requests. A few along with “draeven” who posted this comment suggested TorrentFlux

Per those suggestions I installed the latest stable version on my network file server. It was a rather painless install although required searching the user forums for a few steps/tips that weren’t in the install guide. Basically though it’s a typical LAMP (linux apache mysql php) application install.

It’s not without a bug here or there but it’s very stable on my box and downloading release clients of several linux distros for me.

Downloading two torrents at 80-100k each is keeping this old box (gentoo 500mhz cpu 384mb ram .75TB hd) running under 25% cpu. and plenty of ram left over. I haven’t tested the box’s performance while running torrentflux and transferring large chunks of data over my LAN but I’m sure it’ll keep up.

I would recommend torrentflux to anyone who has a headless network file server sitting arround and who’d like to run their torrents directly on the box.

I’m not sure how I’ve missed it in the past as I’ve done extensive research (google) to find something like this. But Thanks to those of you who have suggested torrent flux.

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