Nextel Cup: Charlotte – oddest restart I’ve seen

Wow, that was the shortest green flag I’ve ever seen. No, I’m not talking about the wreck on lap one… what’s new. But when the wreck was cleaned up they gave the signal for one to go and as the field came around to green some of the caution lights were still on (including the one on the flag stand). The green flag flew but as the leader crossed the line someone realized there were still clean up vehicles on the track and the flagger dropped the yellow (literally as the second car crossed the line).

That’s odd enough, who screwed up and couldn’t see three trucks on the track with obnoixous flashing lights on top? But what’s funnier is that a lap or two later there was a spinout and Nascar ruled it the second caution of the race?   Seriously, the green flew and the leader crossed the start under a green flag. Sounds like a green to me. True only a hundred yards were run under green but it was still a green.

Ofcourse I’d love to hear what D.W. has to say but this half of the year we’re on NBC (grrrrr).

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