Linux BT daemon with Web Interface

There are a million and one BitTorrent clients; I know cause I’ve tried all of them. Ok maybe not all of them.

Many of us have a network file server setting among our pile of servers. My file server isn’t impressive, much like other people’s file servers it’s just a older box with a bunch of drives stuffed in it running RAID/LVM. Quite honestly it doesn’t take much to run samba and nfs, my fileserver runs an 500mhz processor and not very much ram. But as much as I use it ram usage is always nil and CPU averages 3% most of the time. I’m runing gentoo (text only ofcourse) and it’s a very snappy server.

Right now I have a separate box running BitTorrent for all my Linux iso downloads. 🙂 This other box just writes all saved data to the remote mount. There are many command line bt clients out there but quite frankly I hate having to ssh into the box just to check a torrent. Yes there are scripts that allow you to drop the torrent files into a share folder and the client will start downloading… but where’s the fun in that. I like to watch status bars.

Most graphical clients are bloated. Actually most graphical software of any kind is bloated and slow… but that’s another post. Graphical clients are feature packed and tell you everything you could ever want to know and a nice gui. Now, I like graphical interfaces. Heck almost 20 percent of my computers have guis installed. But as I mentioned they are bloated and slow. There’s no reason a closet file server should have a GUI. But at the point a command line is chosen you use alot features. I’ve yet to find a command line bt client that easily allows you to add, remove or pause torrents.

What’s the newest rage in bt clients, web administration interfaces. The thought being you can control the client from anywhere. At that point you have a local gui plus a remote interface.

So let me tell you about this great little bt client!

This bt client has most of the features a graphical client has (i.e. RSS feeds) but is all command line; a linux daemon to be exact. I can take it, set it to start when my file server starts (oh wait, when does it ever shut down?) and know that my torrents are downloading all the time. What makes this so special? This client has a lightweight web interface on it. Fire up any http server in your box and suddenly you can monitor, add remove, pause torrents and even subscribe to rss torrent feeds, all via a slick web interface.

oh…. wait…

no. this doesn’t exist. Or if it does, the group needs some serious marketing upgrade cause I’ve been searching for the last several hours for a command line only linux bt client with a web interface. I’ve built a web interface for everything else on my box, I wish I could have one for torrents without having to run it on a different box or install kde.

Maybe I’m too demanding of free software. Maybe I should switch back to web developer mode and get to writing. or maybe one of you should point me in the right direction, or better yet I’m sure someone out there could write a web interface for an existing command client.

I just want to install a web controlled bit torrent client without a local gui… that’s all I really ask.

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