Hawaii Still Exists?

Most of you know by now that Hawaii was hit with a series of strong earthquakes this morning. What amazes me is the lack of coverage. I have yet to see a picture of any damage on any news website. And that’s not because there isn’t damage.

This got me thinking… if there were some catastrophic event in hawaii wiping out power, communicaitons and everything else, would we notice?

Well, being a ham radio operator, I know for a fact that someone there would have a battery/solar powered station on the air within seconds. But aside from that?

Maybe the next satelite pass? Or maybe as it is right now, just about every website hosted in the state is down.

University of Hawaii

The above is a notice posted on the University of Hawaii webpage as of this posting. (although they call it ” hawai’i “)

Other sites like the Hawaii.gov site is down totally. Haven’t checked to see if the above page is a failover in here in the 48.

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