DL.tv question to Mozilla

I watch every episode of DL.tv  actually I’m quite fond of all the “revenge of the screen savers” type netcasts. I used to say I miss TechTV but now, I don’t. I’m kinda glad they went bye-bye. There have been so many good quality IPTV shows and netcasts come out since the day TechTV kicked the can.

I listen to This Week in Tech and a few other netcasts from Leo and the group, I watch diggnation, Systm and others from Revision3. But the only one I watch every episode of is DL.tv. I’ve always been a huge fan of Leo Laporte, but I’ve always like Patrick Norton a little better. idk, Leo seemed to be to mac’ish there for a while.

Anyway, there was a note on the DL.tv website asking for questions to be emailed in for the mozilla firefox interview on the next episode.

I doubt I got it to them in time for the interview, but I sent this question in anyway.

With IE7 looking more and more like Firefox and other alternatives. Regarding the user experience, what features will be coming to future major releases of Firefox that will keep it relevant to non-geeks. We all expect fresh, radical innovation out of the project, and anxiously await seeing such enhancements.

This has been on my mind for sometime. The only time I ever use Internet explorer is on the one computer I have left running windows when I need to download updates.

Aside from that you won’t even find a link or shortcut to IE anywhere on my computer. I won’t won’t anyone to accidently click it and surf the net with such an inferieor product. instead on patch day, I simply use “run” to IE. once downloads are complete and computer restarted, IE doesn’t exist for another week .

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