United States Naval Observatory hidden on Google Earth

I found a site that lists some cool Google Earth places. After snooping around a Chernobyl and a few other places I decided to check out the “censored circle.”

Here is the image, click for full size.


I couldn’t figure out what it was until I turned on the street names. Once you do that you can quickly figure out that the circle is the United States Naval Ovservatory. A map of the location quickly confirms such.

Now, I don’t care if they block the image… but it’s kind of strange. Blocking the satellite images of groom lake (some call it Area 51) I could understand, last I checked they don’t. Blurring the image of a national landmark that everyone knows about, is well photographed and maps of are available for download from their website, is that really necessary?

What do you think? Is it really necessary to blur the USNO? I haven’t had the time to look at Camp David and the ranch in Crawford, TX maybe they are blurred too. I can understand those better but the Naval Observatory?

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