Nvidia and Intel beware: AMD to buy ATI

Looks like AMD is making plans to butout ATI. On the face of things, I like the idea. Although I love Nvidia cards, I would like even better to see AMD start making other stuff than just CPU’s. I would love to have a 64bit AMD CPU hooked to a 64bit GPU.    sounds fun.

It won’t be smooth sailing though. Intel won’t buy video chips from AMD, that’d be stupid. So expect to see some tooth and nail fighting between AMD, Nvidia and Intel. This could spark some interesting price wars if the right conditions are setup. And AMD has one of the best R&D departments in the world, so maybe some cool new technology will benift from the buyout.

Right now, things aren’t clear enough to fully understand the ramificaitons of the deal. The stock market is reacting interestingly to the news. To be expected, share of ATI were up, though shares of AMD were down.

I really hope this deal goes through.

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