Six Meters Activity

I’ve had several people email me and ask if I’ve been catching any of the recent activity on Six meters. My reply has been: “no, haven’t heard a peep.”  Well, come to think of it, I haven’t had my six meter rig turned on in over a month. Highly unusual for me. I have turned it on for cross town PSK-31 but only once. I’ve been so busy lately with everything and alot of my Six time is when mobile. I haven’t put more than ten miles on my truck in the last several weeks… That pretty much explains it. I was wondering what all was happening and why all the emails, but today I saw the K7RA Solar Report on the ARRL website:

Gordon Fogg, N5AU, of Rockwall, Texas, said that on Sunday and Monday, June 4 and 5, he experienced an amazing 6 meter opening to Japan. He worked 17 JA stations on CW, and he heard many other stations working them also.

Jon Jones, N0JK, of Wichita, Kansas, characterized the 6 meter opening to Japan on Sunday night, June 4, as “massive sporadic E.” Jon said the Sunday opening to Japan favored Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. On Monday stations as far east as Florida, Ohio and Alabama worked Japan on 6 meters. On Sunday evening, Jon used 100 W and a 2-element Yagi atop the parking garage at the hospital where he works, and he contacted JA7QVI around 2345 UTC on 50.101 MHz.

Chip Margelli, K7JA, of Garden Grove, California, reports that WQ5W worked “at least 34 JAs” on 6 meters on June 4. Chip worked JH0RNN and JA7QVI on CW.

Alan Benoit, WQ5W, wrote to say there was “an amazing opening” into Japan on Sunday evening from his location in EM12, near Fort Worth. He worked NL7Z at 2218 UTC on SSB and then noticed in the 6 meter chat room that JH2COZ was going to call CQ on 50.096 CW. “Not expecting anything, I listened for his CQ, and to my amazement, I heard him 559. He came back immediately to my call and I worked my first JA ever on 6 meters!”

Alan says he then proceeded to call CQ on CW further up the band and had many JAs call respond. Between 2227 UTC and 0151 UTC he reports making 42 QSOs into JA along with two KL7s and a few VE7s–all on CW. “It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced on 6 meters,” he said. “I believe all of this was via Es,which makes it even more amazing.”

Seems like I have been missing some good openings. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be working the VHF QSO party this weekend either. Just don’t have the time at the moment. I am planning a good setup for Field Day though. First of July should be when things start to turn around for me time wize. Which is good, I’m starting to have RF withdrawls.

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