Site Notes: Drupal vs WordPress

Just a couple of quick [tag]site notes[/tag]. As many of you know after my last [tag]sabbatical[/tag] I came back impressed with Drupal’s 1.7 release as a Content Management System (cms). Well, I remain impressed with Drupal for what it does. But after some intense tweaking to get it to do what I wanted to do and it still didn’t do it like I wanted it to do… I’ve made the change back to wordpress; WP 2.0. The latest version is really awesome. I know I’ve tried just about every CMS and Blog platform there is and now that they fixed a couple of pet peeves of mine, I will be sticking with WP stable for this site. Long live Drupal on my other sites, but it’s blogging utilities just aren’t prime time yet. Though I’ll reiterate I think it’s one of the best CMSs out there and love it for what it does there.

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