Reporter gets pelted with Hail. Deserves it.

I really love our local news station, but this Video is Funny!

Today while I was out storm chasing; KTVB reporter Alyson Outen got the idea to go on the roof of the KTVB studio with a cameraman to film the storm headed toward boise.

With a tornado warning in effect, high winds and rain… not to mention the lightning in the area, standing on the roof wasn’t very bright. What followed was none the less, very funny. As the camera panned to see the leading edge of the storm one inch hail started pelting the area. You can see several pieces of ice bounce past the view of the camera.

What’s funnier is she stayed up trying to finish the spot. All of this was live, and quite funny. Glad she’s ok though. It’s always nice to be able to look back and agree “that was dumb”

Click here for the video shot live

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