Network Downtime

I’m a little ticked right now. Last night at 10 or so my internet went down. That is unusual. but being the patient person that I am, I gave it five minutes. If I didn’t host this site, the ATC audio feed and numerous other websites and services here… it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

At 1 AM, after much troubleshooting locally, I called my connection provider. I was on the phone with a support tech within seconds. They were having network issues in other areas but not mine. After a few minutes he informed me that my bandwidth provider was preforming maintenance.

Gee, thnaks for telling me guys.

So I called my bandwidth provider and (GASP!) got an answering machine! now, I’m ticked. My connection was down for 6 hours. Longer than my network has been down total, EVER!

So, I’m in the market for some bandwidth.

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