Hello Deli – Rupert Jee – The Late Show with David Letterman

In the war of Leno vs Letterman. I prefer David Letterman. Ofcourse one of the great stars of The Late Show is Rupert Jee of the Hello Deli.

Recently my Parents went on a trip to New York. No, not really a vacation it was for a meeting for the Board of Trustee’s my Dad is on. Though they did have some spare time to do some sightseeing. My parents are the tourist types, neither am I. Which is what makes this so funny to me.

Hello Deli - New York

I told them before they left that they should go by and see Rupert. I didn’t seriously think they would. When they got there, a rather large crowd was gathered around the theator. Apparently Tom Cruise was arriving for an appearance on the Late Show. My parents could care less and would probably avoid him (I would, he’s a nut!). So anyway they went into the Deli and bought a few things. They talked with Rupert for a few minutes and eventually dad asked for a photo op (really out of charactor). Rupert was ofcourse happy to do so.

Rupert Jee and My Dad

So there you have it, a photo of Rupert Jee and my Dad.

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