Changing of the Guard

It’s a bittersweet time in [tag]Idaho[/tag]. Our longtime friend and Governor, Dirk Kempthorne has just taken on the job of Secretary of the Interior. While I’m very happy for him, we are surely going to miss him. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember me, but I’ve met and talked with him on several occasions. He’s a nice guy and has been one heck of a Governor.

I do believe he will serve Idaho better as the Secretary of the Interior, considering all the issues we face here in the west and how they relate to the BLM and Park Service.

All is not lost, today, Lt. Governor Risch was sworn in as Governor during a noon ceremony on the Statehouse steps. The ceremony wasn’t much, short and sweet. Risch opted not to have a flyover but okayed the standard 18 howitzer salute. Seriously, if anyone ever offers me a flyover… How can anyone turn down a flyover. I do understand wanting to keep things simple and cheap especially considering this isn’t a major transition. Risch will be in office for about 6 months before the winner of the November election will take over. Risch did not opt to make a run (shoe-in) at keeping the office.

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