Change of Tune with Iran

I’ve been keeping my mouth shut lately in regards to rogue nations. I haven’t recovered all the Iraq posts from my last version of my blog’s database… I will one day. But if I hadn’t been keeping my mouth shut lately I would probably be saying much of the same stuff.

We all knew that last election in Iran that it meant trouble for the world. The U.S. has been pretty tough stuff in reference to Iran. But in the last week or two, that’s changed. Why? I’ll get back to that in a minute.

I’ve been saying for a long while that there is one major difference between Iraq and Iran; Iraq had a evil dictator that ran the country and while parts of the country were loyal, the country as a whole hated him. They were so oppressed and couldn’t do anything about it. Thus the majority of the nation were/are grateful for the U.S. Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were waving US flags as our tanks roll in and dethroned Sadam. With Iraq, since the nation as a whole was not evil, the only way to take care of business was to put troops on the ground and do what we’re doing now. Door to door, street level searches for insurgents.

Lets compare that to Iran. Iran hates the U.S. Not just the Iran government, but the nation as a hole is anti-U.S. and for that matter anti-almost-everyone. So why in the world would anyone allow Iran to attain Nuclear technology? For those that believe the country just desires power producing reactors, stop kidding yourself. You’re an idiot.

So back to my original question, why the change of tone with how we are treating Iran. I think Condi is the most intelligent person in D.C. and she has something up her sleeve as I do not think we have changed our stance. We do not negotiate with known terrorists.

I think the most likely cause of the change is the world view of how we are handling Iran. If we keep throwing the threat of military action, then the UN will never act. If we appear to back of then that puts the ball back in the court of the other countries in the security council. We of course have a close eye above Iran and probably Special Forces on the ground. If they make a move, we’ll be ready, and as previously stated, Iraq and Iran aren’t the same. Iraq did not support their government, Iran does, and hates the free world. So unlink Iraq, we won’t have any problem with bombing the heck out of Iran. We probably don’t have the troop levels (thanks Clinton) to start a major ground offensive in Iran but last I checked out B-52 crews are sitting around bored.

So, don’t expect a change in policy, only rhetoric.

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