Cabela’s Coming to Boise, Idaho

I must have slept through the News Release last December. But to my surprise and delight, while Joy and I went shopping the other day, we noticed a familiar logo hanging on the front of an out of business storefront.


I had to circle back to verify what I had seen (I’ve even been by a couple times since).

I can’t count the times I have gone out of my way on vacation or other trips to swing by a Cabela’s. Ususally the one of the ones in Nebrask or South Dakota. One recently opened up in Utah and we had planned on stopping by on our next trip. But now, there is a Cabela’s soon to open less than one mile from my house! I can’t wait till it opens.

I’ve stopped by a couple times to see what’s going on, they are saying a summer 2006 opening. (that’s this summer)

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