Pending Call sign change

Typically I’m a very patient person, at least for most things. But there are some things to which I hate waiting. First an update.

The UT-ID section of SouthBEARS has applied for a club call sign. Our request was granted by the fcc and we were granted KE7HVY. As soon as the call hit ULS I was working on an application for a Vanity Club Callsign. that was a few days ago… we’re still about 15 days from FCC action on the application. But both of the main Vanity Callsign sites are predicting we’ll get the NW7DR callsign. our backup is W7EID.

Anyway, that’s the Club Callsign that I’m waiting on. In addition, my dad recently got his Tech license and call KE7GLV. I helped him apply for N7REV the other day that one too has about 15 days worth of applications ahead of it, but he should get it.

In all the excitement of getting a club call and dad getting a vanity call… I finally decided to bite the bullet and apply for a call sign.

I’ve been putting this off since I originally got my ticket. I’ve never found a call in the availible list that got my attention. In looking to see if dad’s n7rev was there, I noticed W7ATC was open. Whiskey Seven Air Traffic Control. it’s a prefect fit.

so yesterday I filled out the application for W7ATC. So I have 17 or so days till the FCC acts on it, but seeing that the call has no apparent history and no other applications for it have been filed. I’ll most likly get it.

Then I just have to start the painful process of changing everything (websites, IDs, etc) to W7ATC.

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