American Idol Finals

Yes, I’ll be watching the stupid show later today. I’m torn between the two remaining contestants. here is my summation of the two: Katharine is the better singer but Taylor is a better entertainer.

I’ve been a fan of Taylor since his audition, truthfully I didn’t expect he would make it to the top 10 at the time but deserved the trip to try. I have been more impressed with him since…

I don’t recall Katharine’s audtion. Nor do I recall even knowing her name until the final 8 or so. At some point there she began to transform and have a shot. I am a fan of hers now I think she was one of the two best female singers in the group. I really liked Paris and think she was probably a more versatile vocalist, though I can understand why she didn’t get the votes.

While we’re on the subject of former contestants, I’m sick of all the people that complain about the people who are kicked off. Folks, it’s a TV show. Voting is done by the american public. We all know how much intelligence the public mob has. I’ve never really been upset about who got kicked off (except for Latoya London on a previous season) but more often I’m upset about who doesn’t get kicked off. For example Bucky, he should have gone home earlier. though, at least he was nice and respectful unlike that one young little idiot, I won’t even grant his name a spot on my post.

anyway, so statisticly speaking… Katharine has the advantage of being Female. No male has one a battle of the sexes. But there is the whole southern thing… Kathrine is from the west coast, Taylor is from the South.

So I think, the South is going to rise… I think the southern tradition will continue a southen contestant will be picked and thus taylor will win. Kudos to Katharine for getting this far. She’ll have an excellent recording deal in her future. but Taylor Hicks will be the 2006 American Idol.

Just watch and see.

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