Internet TV and DVR

Once upon a time I set out to make a linux based Digital Video Recorder. At the time, when projects like mythtv and others were just starting, I wasn’t impressed.

I’ve been wanting to try again but the TV card I currently have isn’t 100% in linux and I haven’t had the time and energy to devote to working on that.

But the other day I saw a link for “Yahoo! Go for TV.” I’ll post a review later. anyways I tried it on my laptop to see what it was about. then decided to throw a windows box together as a DVR and try it for real.

after finding a 1.5 gig processor and motherboard and an case to fit I installed the crappy (let me stress that point) TV Tuner card that I have. It works ok but support for it stinks. Thus far I have only gotten it to work in the program that was written for it. That’s another story though.

I also found a spare video card laying around with a Svideo output on it. yippee! after tracking down a wireles pci card I put in the windows disk and started it up.

39 minutes later I was downloading the yahoo program to my new media center. (which by the way is not running MS windows media center) anyways, long story somewhat shorter, my TV card isn’t supported by Yahoo! Go for TV.

I wasn’t very happy, I mean come on! this is windows, everything is plug and play, point and click. Not my loved linux where you have to finess some hardware into working.

So then I saw another note about Democracy TV an internet video client.

Internet TV

and downloaded it. It’s pretty cool, it needs some work yet in a couple of areas but it’s Open Source so it’ll get it. It would be real cool if democracy supported TV tuner cards, cause this program that this stupid card came with is useless.

oh well, I encorage you to check out Democracy TV and if you have a top 5 video card, try yahoo’s new DVR solution.

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