A night in Arco

As you can see from the time stamp. It’s 1:37 am on Saturday. I’m about to go to bed, but haven’t quite gotten sleepy yet. My parents called this afternoon wondering if we wanted to meet them in Arco. the night before a meeting that they were going to. They said they’d even buy us supper and the hotel. Being only a three hour drive and having wanted to go to this meeting, we couldn’t pass that up.

Arco, Idaho is an interesting place. The first city in the world powered by Atomic Energy what is now the Idaho National Laboratory. It’s on the edge of the Craters of the Moon National Monument and at the foot of the Lost River Range (mountains). But before you go getting a glamorous idea about Arco, look at a map. It’s in the middle of nowhere. Let me clarify that. As far as most of the nation is concerned it’s in the middle of nowhere. In Idaho standards this town of about a thousand people is a hopping place. Not far from Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Pocatello, twin falls and the liberal city of the state (Sun Valley). It very much a ranch town not far removed from when the west was won. Even being this centered to lots of larger towns and attractions, Metropolitan Arco still isn’t the type of place one would plan a trip to, except to fill up the truck with gas on the way to somewhere else. I’ve been to Arco countless times and aside from when our high school teams played theirs, this is the first time I’ve spent more than 20 minutes inside the city limits.

So it’s strange to be writing this from the DK motel downtown Arco. Oh well, we do have a party/meeting to go to 8 miles away tomorrow so it’s nice. The night life here consists of a Bowling ally which closes at 9pm. Sadly we didn’t finish our steaks at Mello-dee’s until 8:50 and by the time we walked across the street, they closed. I’m tempted to go to the Craters of the Moon tomorrow afternoon; Joy has never been to the Lava Tubes. I haven’t been in 8 years. It’s something everyone should do, once, and not in the middle of summer.

It’s an odd place, not so much moon like, but black lava as far as the eye can see, relieved only in one direction by foot hills, flowing over the horizon in all others.

It’s become so much a habit, pull into a motel drag in a suitcase and turn on your laptop. As remote as places in Idaho are, some of these small little towns are more tech friendly than LA, Atlanta and other cities. Having lived in Salmon, Id (3,000 people who live three hours from Wal-Mart) more than anywhere else in my life, I compare everywhere else to Salmon. Sadly no where else compares. I digress, Arco isn’t as remote as Salmon, but is smaller. In Salmon, you can find wifi lot’s of places. Not so much in Arco. The previously mentioned habit of turning on the laptop in the motel room… useless. I’ve somewhat forgotten how little I can do on a laptop without an internet connection. Heck, my cell phone doesn’t work here (nor most other remote areas of Idaho) so I can’t even check my email via cell phone.

Hmmm…. Guess it’s time I go to sleep. I can’t check my email, and I’m sure the sound of typing is annoying Joy.

Obviously I can’t post this without a net connection, so when you do see this, you’ll know that I’ve found wifi somewhere or am back in Boise. Though I’ll change the timestamp to reflect time it was written.

Good Night Arco…

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