Do Your Own Taxes Online. E-File

So, it’s that time of year. TAX TIME! April 15th is coming.

Joy and I have almost completed our taxes. We do ours online, it’s fairly simple if you are good with paying attention to detail. Where it gets fun is filing stock info, tuition info and “other income” considering I did make money under form 1099 etc.

We’ve used TaxAct in the past and been real happy with it.

I don’t understand people who procrastinate to the last minute, never have. Nor do I understand someone who isn’t rich or running several corperations paying someone to do it, it’s not that complicated. and with IRS efile it’s even simpler.

Do your taxes, don’t let me see you on T.V. in line complaining about how long the line is in the post office.

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