Long day. stupid errors.

Today has been a long day. I was scheduled for a Cross-country flight this morning but it was scrubbed due to weather. I’ve had a lot to do today. Among those; convert one of my network’s remaining wired backbones to wireless. Connecting my wife’s computer (and xbox and linux media center) to one of my secondary routers (not on a server segment).

The more wires that disappear, the happier she seems. Having one through the hall, part of the kitchen and across the living room to her computer wasn’t good. I put a linksys wireless 802.11g PCI card in her computer then shared the connection over to the xbox and linux media box. These will go wireless in the near future.

I spent forever to get the linksys card to work with my router running WPA encryption. My first stupid problem was forgetting to install the windows XP WPA patch on her computer. After I got that done it started acting like it was going to work, it gave me the option for WPA. Then it wouldn’t connect to the router. I was ready to pull my hair out; or to call linksys and give them a piece of my mind. Before I gave up I reran through my mental wireless checklist to see what was causing this? Hmm, what would let it recognize the router then connect for 3 seconds but not authenticate? The key? Nope. AHhhh! The MAC address filter.

Updated the wireless router with the additional MAC address and we’re in business. I found time to log into X-Box live to play a round of HALO to double check it was working. It was.

Now for my second stupid mistake of the day. I’ve got a couple little 333mhz compact Compaqs that I use for network servers (i.e. telnet; ssh; linux) I’m adding RADIUS 802.11X to this wireless segment. I booted one I wasn’t using to see what was on it. “HARD DISK CONTROLLER ERROR” So of course I tore the thing apart looking for the problem; loose cables? Broken cables? Etc. The CD drive doesn’t have a normal IDE or power connector, it’s a slim line drive and one connection does both. But finally after 10-15 minutes I saw the missing Molex connector on the HD. Why didn’t I see that earlier? Must be time to turn it off and head to bed.

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