I could think of smarter things to do…

I’m watching a show on Idaho Public Television… Late night shows on there are often very interesting, better than the infomercials on all the other channels.

In this particular show (NATURE) there are two different submarine’s at different locations on the sea floor. one is studying some strange shrimp that feeds in extreme numbers near ocean floor Volcanic vents.

Now, the other sub… a smaller one, got the bright idea to tie a rope onto the front of their sub with the other end tied around the tail of a large and recently dead tuna. then they dove to the ocean floor to a depth of a mile and a half. they sat the tuna on the sea floor, backed away ten to twenty feet and sat the sub on the floor. then they waited. At first, nothing. They turned off their white flood lights and turned on their red lights. Most sea life can’t see red light. After ten minutes or so life started show up. First, a large eel then a large fish… Then with great surprise a twenty foot (or longer) 6 gill shark showed up.

At first they think it’s real cool. then they realize this 20 foot shark is about to swim off with a large tuna that is tied to their sub. they got pulled around a bit then annoyed the shark returned near the sub and was dangerously close to exposed components of the sub while he was chomping away on dinner. oh and while he’s chomping away with those large teeth near Oxygen and electrical lines they were remined that they were almost two miles from the nearest breathable atmoshphere.

hmm, I could think of smarter things to do.

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