U.S. Postal Service has it backwards.

I write this from Salmon, Idaho. The greatest place on earth and unfortunately my former home. Unfortunate that it’s former that is. Used to Salmon was a place where technology hadn’t caught up with; and to a large degree it remains that way. But with each weekend or holiday trip up here it seems as though Salmon is catching up. Oh, let me get something straight right now. I know all of you are pronouncing this town wrong. It is not pronounces Sal-mon or even Sal-man. It’s correctly pronounced like the fish is correctly pronounced Sammon. No “L”… now that we have that cleared up, I dare to continue.

I continue to think of salmon as a retreat and always will. However it’s gone from having no cell service, 3k dialup internet and coathanger television reception to a town with two red lights, high speed DSL, your choice of two cell towers (no GSM yet…) and everyone has satellite tv for those long cold winters. As I said though, no GSM cell service; and by service let me be specific; cell phones work within 4 miles of town. Anyway, no GSM means my T-Mobile doesn’t work. YEA! What? You think I want people calling me while I’m here?

In this “technovoid” I’m laying in bed, surfing the internet via my grandparents one meg DSL line plus a portable wi-fi access point I brought with me to plug into their DSL modem. I’m listening to my portable Sirius Satellite radio boom box and I just got done watching a Sci-Fi channel marathon. TechnoVoid? Maybe not so much. What’s really sad is that both my parents and grandparent each have a one meg DSL line and both of them together with all the traffic they have in an entire day don’t at up to the traffic on my server in a five minute period. I just wish I could throw in a server closet here and use some of mom and dad’s bandwidth. I really do need an off site backup server.

Ok, the reason for this post.

I think the U.S. Postal Service has it all backwards.

Once upon a time, everyone had to go to the post office to pick up mail and then home delivery started becoming the norm. If you read the stats lots of people are going back to the post office box idea but with mailbox etc or similar store (I think mailbox etc is now a UPS store). People pay a fee (50 bucks here in salmon) to have a post office box, the postal service complains about losing money all the time, can’t break even. Why not make post office boxes free and charge the fee for those who want home delivery? Seems like it cost less for the U.S.P.S. to have that little shoebox sized safe at the office than to run a vehicle and mailman around town, not to mention out in the sticks. It just seems backwards to me. What are your thoughts?

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