MSN Search – BETA launched

The trend of small, clean, crisp web pages is continuing. THANKFULLY!

Microsoft has just launched their new search engine.
I’m still a Google person but writing this to support a statement; keep it simple. My new e-book is about a week away from being posted on my site, one of the points I make is that keeping websites streamlined and to the point highlights the content and in doing so, the reason a visitor visits.

I’m sick of ad and link happy pages that obscure the reason I’m there. Major internet portals are terribly cluttered.

There have been several search engines that have streamlined their front pages over the past few years; most notably Google. Microsoft’s new search engine now takes the initiative to be compact as well. Expect other sites to jump on board following this streamlined frontpage.

After some playing with the search results for msn’s new engine; I like most of it. They still have some tweaking to do, but it’s working.

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