Funny Stuff on Boise ATC

For you Pilot types; I was just listening to my Boise ATC feed and overheard something kinda funny. One of these days I’ll start an “overheard on Boise ATC” page on but for now I’ll leave the exchange here.
callsigns and destination changed to protect the guilty.

Falcon Jet, Boise approach 1234 climb and maintain one, two thousand. Cleared direct to po-dunk VOR.

12,000 direct to po-dunk, for falcon jet 1234.

1234, approach, you enjoy picking obscure VORs for your destination?

ah, That one wasn’t much of a callenge for ya, was it? Next time through we’ll have to pick some half-a-watt NDB in the northern canada and file for it. 1234.

But alas, 99% of you didn’t think that was near as funny as I did. oh well.

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