BBC NEWS – Girl survives rabies without jab

This is pretty amazing; doctors put this girl in a coma to protect her from rabies after it had progressed beyond the point of vaccination.

BBC Girl survives rabies without jab: “A teenage girl has become the first known person to survive rabies without a vaccination, say doctors.

A team at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin used an experimental treatment on 15-year-old Jeanna Giese.

She was admitted to hospital last month with advanced symptoms of the disease after being bitten by an infected bat at a church in September.

Doctors used a cocktail of drugs to protect the brain and nervous system from the effects of the disease.

Jeanna is clearly alert and recognises her parents
Dr Rodney Willoughby

They were able to diagnose the condition quickly because Jeanna was exhibiting classic signs of the disease, such as periods of unconsciousness, double vision and slurred speech.

The disease had progressed to a point where immunisation was not an option.”

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