slowly catching up.

I am slowly catching up. I have been back in the mountains for a few days, I’m alive and quickly readjusting to not having fire ants, eastern diamond backs, airliner sized mosquitoes, coral snakes, cottonmouths and alligators running around. I don’t miss the heat definitely and don’t miss the humidity.

But… if I could miss work again, I’d go again in a heart beat, oh well.

I did some work on my network this afternoon, I’m almost 100% switched over to the new internet connection. Just the server left on the old connection and it’s being load balanced. It’ll be another couple of weeks before I commit to the new connection, but so far, all is well.

I’ve been annoyed by my wireless router, couldn’t find a spot in the house that would give solid signal everywhere in the house. The only place that would was in our hallway between bedrooms and living room/kitchen. I’ve played with directional antennas and just about every antenna I could make/buy/steal. So, today, I finally built a shelf in the hall and put the WRT54G wireless box up there. Two decorative looking antennas with it, actually looks nice. Also I hacked of the power cable and ran the power through the unused wires of my Cat5e cable so I don’t have to run a black wire up the wall, just one white one matching the paint. Plus, no easy outlet in the hall. I might post pictures later, if I get bored and have nothing to post.


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