I’m headed to florida. Not exactly sure where I’ll be going… let see? the white beaches of Daytona? hmm… the warm waters of panama city? or the lagoons and reefs of key west? maybe the ride parks of orlando? a safari in bush gardens? fishing on that big lake? hmm, sounds nice huh? well, I won’t see any of it.

I’m leaving sunday(ish) Working with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team. I’ll probably be doing communications, in fact I’m quite sure of it.

I originally got the message this morning. Originally said I couldn’t go… (i.e. could take time of for work AND pay for sudden flight tickets). But a newer message came and said that if we could go for a week they’d pay our airfare. I’m GOING!

If you’d like to make a donation to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team – click here

doubt I’ll have a phone, or anything else while I’m there… so good luck getting ahold of me while I’m gone.


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