Charley er. Frances er. Ivan!

Well, I’m in Florida. my plans for this trip started back at Hurricane Charley. Was changed by hurricane Frances, and now… Ivan is calling the shots.

I’m not exactly 100% for sure when I’ll be back at home. Most everyone has evacuated to Orlando. Only a few people are still here. Mainly communications and a few people who think they are needed to keep things running.

We are set up for Ivan. I’m keeping 6m, 2m and 70cm radios and antennas going in some form or another. We’ve also got a HF yagi up on our ECRV’s tower. (I’ll post pictures of the antenna on the tower when I get a chance, for now, only the above picture of the ECRV, with me on it.) We have a T1 as well as a satelite connection right now, that won’t last.

The NWS is predicting Ivan for the Florida Panhandle… but also saying they really don’t have any idea. I tend to believe it’s going to hit in the Cedar Key area just up the road… or here. I just think it’s going to turn sharper than what they believe.

so anyways, as soon as the airports open back up after hurricane Ivan passes. I’ll be back on my way back to Idaho.

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