St Louis Shuts down kids’ Lemonade Stand.

I always read Fox News’ “out there” column. Most of the time I just post a link to it if there is something interesting. This one just annoys the heck out of me – St Louis Shuts down Lemonade Stand

City Government Meanies Shut Down Lemonade Stand

The St. Louis health commissioner has apologized for the temporary shutdown of a children’s lemonade stand.
A neighbor who was unhappy about the little business blocking her walkway called in the authorities. The young entrepreneurs ? two seventh-grade girls ? were told they needed permits and were forced to close their business.
As it turned out, lemonade stands are exempt from such bureaucratic requirements.
Mim Murray, who is ten years old, and her 12-year-old partner Marisa Miller-Stockie reopened yesterday.
The lemonade stand business is booming.”

Why in the world did this “neighbor” think they needed to call authorities about a lemonade stand? If they really were blocking a walkway the person could have asked them to move a bit, alternativly they could have just walked around. I’m sure this lemonade stand wasn’t open 24/7 and school is about to start back. get a grip people. ya don’t need to call the police for every little thing. they need to be busy working real cases.

get a grip on reality! oh, and have yourself a cup of lemonade!

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