Tennis: Wilson Avenger

I’ve been playing tennis almost as long as I’ve been into flying and longer than into ham radio… about 10 or so years ago I was starting to get serious about it and spend around $40 dollars on a new tennis racquet at Wal-Mart. I had been using my mother’s old tennis racquet which was still in great shape minus a few paint chips, it was a great racquet. Graphite, strung a bit looser for more control than speed but I could still blow them by my opponents with it. So I decided to set the $250 dollar racquet down and pick up the 40 dollar Wal-Mart special. A Wilson avenger caught my eye with it’s black and metallic orange paintjob. At the time when I lived in New Orleans I would average around 3 or 4 hours of tennis per day, seven days a week, rain or shine. Rain or shine? Yes… rain or shine. I can remember numerous occasions when Marc Driggers and I would go play tennis in a warm evening rain. You learn a lot about tennis playing in the rain and I’m not talking about a drizzle or a sprinkle. I’m talking about set in widespread downpour like is common in New Orleans. Typically I went to play basketball at the Gym when it was storming, but a little wind and a lot of rain couldn’t keep me off the courts. And hey, when it’s raining in New Orleans the humidity drops below 99% and the temperature drops below 99 too!

That Wilson Avenger that I played with then, is still my favorite tennis racquet. At one point I balanced it with a bit of lead tape but traded that for a change of vibration dampener location. I’ve got a couple other racquets now, including one by HEAD that I’m really fond of… however I still love to pick up that Avenger and nail a server… it’s just a fun to play with. In fact, if I found one new I’d probably play with it, instead of anything else, it’s perfect for me. I’ve often considered emailing Wilson to see if they have any lying around somewhere. I’m just worried that after so long and playing in the rain (and snow –not in N.O. though.) it’s going to break and then I won’t be able to pick it up and make a perfect ace on the first shot.

Its 102 today, think I’ll skip tennis today. Don’t give me grief; I’ve played the last 7 days straight in over 100 degree air temps…. No telling what the court temp is. Plus I have a Voice of Idaho Amateur Radio Club meeting tonight.

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