Nascar on FOX vs. Nascar on NBC

The time has come. Every year I dread this day. Today is the first day that NASCAR is sown on NBC. I already miss D.W. and the rest of the NASCAR on FOX crew…. I miss the fox cuttaway car, I miss it all!

now I have to put up with these yuppies for NBC. I hate it. but I have to watch, it’s nascar. Furthermore, why in the world does NASCAR split the season? can we not just stick with the good ones?

while I’m on the NASCAR subject, I’m sure you have seen the UPS “we want to race the truck” commercials? if you haven’t than you know nothing of nascar and would do good to watch more. Anyways, I really think that for the UPS race in Atlanta they should use a UPS truck as the pacecar! besides running that truck around the track at caution speeds would still be a blast!

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