Burger King

For those that know me, or read my soapbox ezine for years know that I’m a burgerkingaholic. Because we all know; in the land of burger, Whopper is King!

Why can’t Fast food places make their coke taste right? seriously, is it that hard to adjust the system and keep it stocked with syrup and carbination?

I’ve worked in concession stands before, my wife runs a snackbar here at a local retail Giant… their coke tastes fine. I do drink alot of coke, so I notice it, but some of the stuff that comes out of the tap at local burger kings and McDonalds would make moteroil seem good. though today, the opposite problem. my “coke” taste like someone poured out a 20oz bottle of coke then filled it up with water, then shook it up… you know, just enough hint of coke to make you sick?

I can conceed an occasional bad taste. Some restaurants will occasionally not catch a empty coke container in time, but after asking for it, you get a new glass; and it’s fine. I go to burger king two or three times a week, and NEVER does it taste right! I don’t know maybe the HB boys are thinning the coke. I know it’s an out west thing, back east coke usually tastes fine most places. There is a mcdonalds in Wyoming just off of I-80 that their coke makes me sick, litteraly. But any of the HB boys owned BK’s around here, their coke is consistant, consistantly bad! Which, I have noticed, coke coming from SWIRE in Salt Lake city tastes a bit off, even in the can. nothing like the good old Atlanta / Chattanooga area coke that’ll make you smile everytime.

I don’t think burger king is doing it’s self or Coke a good service by having consistantly bad coke. My wife tells me that their diet coke is just as bad. might I mention that I frequent a total of 4 burger kings here in boise and they are ALL the same. so SWIRE or HB’s BK’s need to get their act together.

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