White Lyon’s site

a few bored internet minutes tonight found me looking through a list of people linked to various pages of my network of websites. One such site was a blast from the past. I found Kelly’s Lair of the Lyon. She has links to my Zebthepilot site on a couple of her websites. I know I had links to her site before I did the last overhaul on zebthepilot.com but trying to remember if it’s still there.

I’ve never met Kelly face to face. But we have been internet friends for almost as long as I can remember. Quite honestly I don’t remember how we first met but I’m thinking it was on a geocities chat room. There were a couple of long time internet friends made in those geocities chat rooms when I was in the computer lab supposed to be typing papers but goofing off. Boy, those were the days… Back when chat rooms were fun and for the most part spam free.

Make sure you stop by Kelly’s site and say hi. She is very into anime… I won’t claim to understand half of what’s on her websites but hey, that’s what make this internet thing cool. Everyone can promote their interests. I’d bet she doesn’t care much about ham radio, flying or anything I have on my sites. Make sure to stop by her site(s) (especially if you are a anime fan) and if you see her tell her zebthepilot sends his regards.

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