HALO 2 on XBOX plus tips

I’m still awaiting Halo 2 on the xbox. Very much looking forward to it.

I don’t know what it is about Halo. It’s an odd game. Its the most awesome game in the world. Yet I hate it. Well, not really. I’m addicted to it, I play it a lot and yes at times I do hate it. I remember the first time I played the game. I was amazed by the graphics, the game play and yes, the warthog. If you’ve played halo and don’t like it at all, sell your xbox, for you are not worthy. But for me along with the addiction to it there is a certain fear and respect of the game. Quite honestly this game is very emotional. Make sure you aren’t home alone when you get dropped in that bug infested swamp. I’d suggest playing with all the lights in the house on too. It can be scary. Nothing is more scary that standing in the middle of a room filled with the flood on legendary. Ever noticed how when your health gets low you can start hearing a heart beat through the surround sound? Careful, it might be yours and not the game.

this game is seriously intense. Here is my halo process.

-feeling the need to kill aliens or drive the warthog (stress relief)
-anticipation sticking the disc in the xbox
-gratification of killing a few covenants
-increased stress when one or two hunters appear
-holding my breath trying to stay alive when in the middle of a covenant vs flood battle.
-gratification of beating a level
-relief when taking the disk out
-mad at my self for letting a game get to me like that
-mad at my self for being addicted to it
-wishing I had more time to play it

so while I’m at it here are a few tips

-keep the assault rifle. It’s the most versatile

-get and keep the sniper rifle. Even if you don’t have bullets for it you will find them. Save it for distant aliens. Also aim for the head. Every alien is an instant kill in the head with the sniper rifle… Except the dreaded hunter. The sniper rifle will take out an alien even if you can only see an arm, leg, foot, whatever. Aim, zoom, aim, zoom, aim shoot.

-the best way to kill a hunter is to stick a plasma grenade on it’s back. You can (stupid idiot) try a melee attack on it’s back too. Lastly rockets should do the trick.

-Reload every chance you get. You can only carry so many bullets not in your gun. If you pick up bullets you won’t have as many if your gun is almost empty and then you reload. Always reload before picking up bullets.

-the shotgun is the flood’s enemy. a shot from the shot gun can take out hundreds of skulls. But don’t rule out the assault rifle, keep it to short burst and spray it… it will kill ton’s of skulls. Once you get to the last couple of levels the sniper rifle is of little use. Keep the shotgun and let the flood and Covenant do all the fighting, just clean up the winners.

-once you get a vehicle. Keep it. You’d be amazed how handy a warthog can be when driving down halls. Just make sure not to run over any marines. The ghost is a really good one to keep to. If you get board you can always go rock crawling in the warthog. Just find some rocks i.e. when you rescue a group of marines in a life ship ‘near the rock slide’ spend some time learning the limitations of the warthog.

-fast turn arounds in the warthog take some practice. Say your warthog is facing south… Look north then pull the left joystick down for one second or so then quickly push it straight up. You’ll see what I mean.

-take time to look around for shields. They are scattered everywhere you need them. Just look.

-don’t rule out the pistol. Zoomed in head shots are instant kills on most aliens. It’s definitely not a ‘lesser gun.’

that’s enough for now.

I hate this game.
no wait… I love this game.

oh whatever. I need to go kill an alien or two.

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