Bungie Studios HALO 2 trailer

Bungie Studios HALO 2 wow! I just watched the HALO 2 trailer and documentary. WOW!

folks we are in for a great one.

I really hope that the things (few things) that I didn’t like about halo 1 are fixed.. I think they will be. And if they are HALO 2 will be even more of an epic than halo 1.

here is my fix list of things I thought could be improved in HALO 2

001 – the first half of the game the aliens are great. Very well designed, very slick sharp and graphically impressive beings. Then you meet the skulls/flood. Sorry… But the creativity went out the door when they drew the flood, skulls, exploders etc. They were heaps of goo and piles of arms and legs.

010 – be able to carry more than 4 plasma grenades. And throw them faster

011 – more outside or open space warfare. The inside of ships are pretty cool but the repetition of rooms on the halo were redundant and got boring after a while. Conversely the scenery and outside warfare was incredible. There were outside levels that I could play forever. Especially with a ghost, warthog or tank.

100 – let the driver of the warthog join the warfare. Lets say maybe throw a grenade or have a forward facing machine gun mounted on the front of the warthog that the driver can pull the trigger.

101 – have more differences between legendary and easy, not only amount of aliens. For easy the shield should regenerate faster bullets should be found easier etc… There might have been some part of this in the first one but more could help.

110 – make sniper bullets easier to find.

111 – be able to carry more than two weapons. Once again, I’m sorry but this game isn’t played for the maze of levels. It’s played so we can release stress on aliens. What better way to release stress than have the pistol and assault rifle as well as a rocket launcher tucked in your backpack. What is more fun than sneaking up to a grunt melee him/her and switching to pistol to take out one more then switching to assault rifle to take out a group of grunts fling a plasma grenade at a swordsmen and as he’s shooting at you switch to rocket launcher and blow a hunter off the planet. hmm. Fun times.

Lastly XBOX LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For both multiplayer and for story.

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