Latoya London – An instant star and American idol

My Previous blog entry Latoya London an instant American Idol was quite a hit. Brought tons of people from MSN’s Search and Yahoo. Oddly enough as of right now a search for “Latoya London” brings my blog up as numero uno. On yahoo I believe, American Idol’s website comes up sixth; maybe that was msn. Either way Zeb’s blog is number one on both search engines and climbing on google. Though of course I blog to blog, not to get ranked.

I will say this, if I continue to be number one in a search for her then I will continue to track her progress through American idol. Which I should probably do anyways considering I have predicted her as winner. I do really think from that performance that she has what it takes to get a fan base going. And once you do that you don’t need American idol. I mean seriously consider clay and justin. Granted they were number 2 in their seasons but record labels are watching and someone is just waiting for Latoya to be dropped from AI so they can snatch her up and sign a contract. American Idol or not, we haven’t seen the last of her.

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