Anna kournikova SI swimsuit issue sparks return of virus

Ok folks, how many times do I have to say this? USE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE! I’ve seen in seen a resurfacing of the Anna kournikova virus It’s been sent to me several times in the last couple of days. Some of my fellow computer geeks mentioned it too. Someone finally pointed out that anna’s return to the spotlight (a photo in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) after rumors of retirement has spawned renewed interest in this tennis celebrity and thus began spreading the Anna K. E-mail worm… AGAIN!

folks, use an email scanning anti-virus, they are free (see above link) and save us all headache! And please keep it up to date. Though even an out of date one will catch this one. Please for the sake of man-kind (or at least those on your contact list) keep your computer protected and don’t open attachments you weren’t expecting.

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