AMERICAN IDOL – Latoya London – winner

well folks it’s official, ok unofficial. I’d decided who is going to win. Tonight’s last performance by Latoya London makes her my favorite. I like a bunch of the contestants and I don’t even remember her but after tonight everyone will remember her.

I’m not really a big american idol person. The first season I didn’t even know it existed till my uncle came to visit the same week of the final show when Kelly won. I only watched the last 10 minutes of that show. The next season my wife got me watching the auditions. ok, I really enjoy watching the audtitions. I liked that one gal from missouri, then when she got cut I was sticking with Ruben. this year, I watched a few audition episodes and now have watched a couple nights of the 8. haven’t seen it from day one but I’m confident that if latoya keeps up this caliber of performance she will win. so my official prediction today is that she wins. wow, what a voice. kudos.

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